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  • To get started - launch Steam, locate the game in your library and follow the instructions to install the game.

    Since Dota 2 is a game that's more fun with friends, you have been given two extra copies that you can hand out to whomever you'd like. You'll find your extra copies in the Steam section of your Steam account's item inventory and you can use the Steam Trading feature to give them to your friends.

    As always, we rely on your feedback to improve the game, so please drop us a line and let us know how we're doing.

    To install Steam, click this link: www.steampowered.com/about

    Соответственно есть пара инвайтов, готов отдать 1 тому кто угадает первым моё имя
  • Данил
  • Сори не заметил внизу сначала надпись
  • Дима
  • iccup ZM ?)

    а имя
  • Артём
  • Андрей
  • Иван
  • Алексей
  • дай инвайт :)
  • Иван


  • Никита
  • Автор темы
    Mahounenko выиграл,жду акк стима
  • Денис
  • Женя ( Евгений )
  • Егор
  • Mahounenko
  • артем:)
  • Александр
  • Эдуард что ли
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