Какие команды есть в режиме "тест"

  • отпишитесь какие команды есть в dota 2 в режиме "тест" ну ти -lvlup -gold и.т.д.
    заранее спасиб=)
  • -lvlup
    For example: -lvlup 10
    Increases your heroes' level by . Max level you can reach with this is level 25. No negative values allowed (i.e. you can't "level down").
    Console command: dota_dev hero_level

    Respawns your hero at the fontain (no matter if he was dead or not).
    Console command: dota_dev hero_respawn

    Refreshes (resets) Mana, Cooldowns, HP, ... of your hero(es).
    Console command: dota_dev hero_refresh

    For example: -gold 1000
    Increases your gold by . Positive and negative values are allowed. Max gold is 16383.
    Console command: dota_dev player_givegold

    For example: -item item_blade_mail
    Gives your hero . You find the item names in scripts/npc/items.txt
    I made a list here: http://typhox.net/misc/Dota_items.txt

    Skips the timer to the first creepspawn.
    Console command: dota_dev forcegamestart

    Destroys all wards (to be confirmed)

    -createhero Mirana
    -createhero npc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee
    Creates a hero/unit/building er your control at your mouse cursor position. Heroes will be taken control by a bot, so you can't buy items for them on the regular way. However, that bot is idle, i.e. he does not do anything, but buys items in the beginning.
    You can't create heroes that aren't in the game yet (only in the developer version), such as Bane or Silencer.
    You find the names in scripts/npc/npc_units.txt and scripts/npc/npc_heroes.txt.
    There are many names that are working. For example the entry er "SoSet" is sometimes also valid, so you can create Mirana on (at least) three ways:
    -createhero Mirana
    -createhero Hero_Mirana
    -createhero npc_dota_hero_mirana
    I'm currently looking for a list

    Levels all bot heroes on your side by .
    See: -lvlup

    gives all bots item .
    For more information, see -item

    -wtf, -unwtf
    Seems to be currently only working in the developer/debug version sadly...

    Seems to be not working yet.

    (re)spawns neutral creeps.

    Spawns a wave of creeps (Warning: If you do that too often so that there are too many creeps at once in the game, the server will disconnect you.)

    Disables creepspawn.

    Enables creepspawn.

    Seems to be not working.

    Gives vision over Radiant and Dire.

    Reverts vision back to normal from -allvision command.

    Removes Observerwards from the map (not sentry wards?).
  • как в практике включить режим теста?
  • ну подскажите плз
  • Нужно включить читы.
  • Tula Tokarev сказал(а):

    Нужно включить читы.
    Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть...

    а как это сделать то?
  • Refresher сказал(а):

    а как это сделать то?
    Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть...

    В режиме "Практики" есть кнопка  "GAME SETUP" Нажми на нее и появится окно и в нем поставь галочку "включить читы"
  • Tula Tokarev сказал(а):↑

    В режиме "Практики" есть кнопка  "GAME SETUP" Нажми на нее и появится окно и в нем поставь галочку "включить читы"

    Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть...

    всё нашёл, большое спасибо )
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