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Полный список изменений Dota 2

  • Полный список изменений  *GOOD*

    Title: Update. Rearm. Update.
    Date: 2nd Июнь 2011

    * Enabled Tinker.
    * If you're accepted into a matchmaking game while spectating another game, it will automatically remove you from spectating.
    * Fixed the Tutorial randomly popping up during non-tutorial games.
    * DOTA TV works on replays now.
    * Fixed first-ability-randomly-firing-off bug that was caused by errant clicks on the action panel (ttocs found a repro /highfive).
    * Fixed Death Prophet's Exorcism spirits not clamping to the ground.
    * Lots of fixes for Illusion, Magic Immunity and Sphere rules.
    * Fixed Soul Ring to give the proper mana even when your mana is full.
    * Implemented Witch Doctor's Ultimate Scepter.
    * Fixed Echo Slam doing 1 less echo to the initial targets.
    * Fixed Corrosive Skin having a bug that caused it to not work properly.
    * Fixed Eye of the Storm hitting fogged/invisible units.
    * Fixed Chain Frost and Paralyzing Cask such that they now bounce correctly when their target unit dies/dodges.
    * Fixed Pugna's Nether Ward not immediately going away when it's destroyed.
    * Fixed suicides displaying the wrong message.
    * A billion (maybe not literally) tweaks to the way the DOTA TV camera tracks units. Should fix most pops and weird camera positions (like when the killer and victim are too far away like with Zeus).

    Title:Аа свежея мясо (приветствуем новые ТЕСТЕРЫ)!
    Date:Май 26, 2011

    * 3 New Heroes! Nevermore, Enchantress. and Leshrac.
    * Added Tutorial Mode.
    * Added Bug Reporter: You can type "bug" in the console for a more detailed form or you can just type “bug: [insert bug text here]” in the in-game chat to enter a new bug on the fly.
    * Added support for partially and fully sharable items.
    * Fixed Chronosphere moving buildings
    * Fixed the missing lobby/no team bug when starting a matchmaking game (hi ttocs!)
    * Fixed vision duration on Wave of Terror
    * Fixed Lifesteal from leeching off of wards (like rhasta's wards)
    * Fixed Frostbite not revealing invisible units
    * Fixed Necronomicon's Last Will working on Towers
    * Fixed Poison Touch's projectile speed * Fixed Poison Touch's targeting rules
    * Fixed Blademail working on towers and wards * Fixed multiple server crashes.
    * Fixed Life Drain values always being that of Scepter upgrade
    * Fixed Life Drain tick interval
    * Fixed DOTA TV clients connecting and not having any client side tree
    info. This also means that trees being destroyed/spawned will now properly work.
    * New Vengeful Spirit color pass.
    * Fixed Bloodstone not granting vision at the location of death.
    * Removed experimental Hero Glows.
    * Fix to tracking attack projectiles hitting you even after you've dodged them.
    * Fixed drop/equip rules for Rapier.
    * Fixed intro mode and other cvars persisting across games if the server was reused.
    * Made a couple events avaliable to spectators, like rune pickups and bottling.
    * Fixed bug that would cause illusions to not fully level up their abilities.
    * Impact sounds wont be played if the target is dormant. Fixes hearing enemy heroes fighting neutrals.
    * Fixed Vladimir's increasing damage by 15 instead of 15%
    * Courier can now refill the bottle
    * Fixed attacking Wards damage being blocked by Vanguard/Kraken/etc
    * Fixed Counter Helix procing off of things it can't hurt
    * Fixed Frostbite damage interval
    * Bottle now always captures the rune when it pick it up, rather then only when it is empty
    * Fixed a bug with OnIntervalThink not working properly if the think interval time is increased after creation
    * Fixed Heart regeneration working on illusions
    * Fixed various bugs with Poison Touch
    * Fixed Static Remnant not giving vision
    * Fixed Poison Sting vs mechanical units
    * Fixed sound source for Poison Touch
    * Fixed Poison Sting from illusions
    * Fixed multiple urn of shadows getting charges
    * Fixed bugs with how magic resistance from base and items were calculated on illusions
    * Fixed ranged and melee manta incoming/outgoing values being reversed
    * Fixed spells doing their amplified damage twice to illusions
    * Added projectile vision to Windrunner's Powershot and Lich's Chain Frost.
    * Illusions now copy the state of the morphed hero (DK ult)
    * Added a number of new console-based cheat commands:
    . item X - creates item X in your hero's inventory
    . levelbots X - increases the level of all created heroes by X
    . givebots X - gives item X to all created heroes
    . wtf - turns off all cooldowns and mana costs
    . unwtf" console cheat command to re-enable cooldowns and mana costs.
    . timescale - speeds up or slows down time
    . spawnneutrals - forces a spawn of all neutral creeps
    . spawncreeps - forces a spawn of all lane creeps
    . disablecreepspawn - turns off normal creep spawning
    . enablecreepspawn - turns on normal creep spawning
    . killcreeps X - kill all, radiant, dire or neutral creeps (X is all, radiant, dire, or neutral)
    . allvision - all units give vision
    . normalvision - turns off allvision

    Title: Pop it. Lock it. Patch it.
    Date: 20th Май 2011

    * Enabled Pugna and Beastmaster (in-progress models).
    * Added new in-progress models for Lina, Drow, Windrunner.
    * Implemented neutral Satyr Trickster's Purge ability.
    * Implemented neutral Satyr Soulstealer's Mana Burn ability.
    * Implemented neutral Satyr Hellcaller's Shockwave ability.
    * Implemented neutral Satyr Hellcaller's Unholy Aura ability.
    * Implemented neutral Forest Troll High Priest's Heal ability.
    * Implemented neutral Harpy Storm's Chain Lightning ability.
    * Implemented ancient neutral Black Dragon's Splash Attack ability.
    * Fixed Zeus's Arc Lightning so that it no longer bounces to invisible units or units in the fog of war.
    * Diffusal Blade's Purge now removes buffs/debuffs from any target, not just heroes.
    * Cleaned up the visual transition between day/night.
    * Fixed neutral creeps always spawning if the old creeps were magic-immune.
    * Axe's counter helix will now hit magic immune targets.
    * Fixed bloodseeker adding 80 damage when blood raging instead of 80% of the base.
    * Dark Seer's vacuum now destroy trees around the targetted area.
    * Fixed Mjollnir HAMMER OF THE GODS! not really proccing.
    * Fixed Earthshaker's Ultimate Scepter implementation doing double damage to all units hit by it instead of spawning 2 echo waves per hero.
    * Fixed Feedback (mana burn) not working on illusions.
    * Furion's tree now obstruct vision for the enemy team.
    * Fixed Pudge's health not updating when upgrading Flesh Heap.
    * Made CTRL a modifier key to test sending an order to all controllable units. So you don't have to select all your eidolons plus enigma now, just hold down control when you give an order and everyone that can follow it will.
    * Cleaned up how illusions were created.
    * Ultimate ability state is now shown as a pip in the hero bar.
    * Fixed Malefice ticking one extra time always.
    * Fixed Eidolons multiplying by attacking buildings.
    * Fixed Ravage getting blocked by Linken Sphere.
    * Fixed Corrosive Skin vs mechanical units.
    * Fixed Chain Frost stopping immediatly once it finds a magic immune unit.
    * Fix to one case of bots getting stuck idling in place.

    Title: Who wants an Update
    Date: 13th Май 2011

    * You now automatically switch to groups of unselected, controlled units via Tab.
    * Fixed Rattletrap's Rocket Flare to be visible on the minimap again.
    * Switched sange and yasha from their orb effect maim to trigger off of an OnAttackLanded event instead.
    * Manta move speed doesn't stack with yasha or sange and yasha.
    * Fixed Reaper's Scythe on magic immune units.
    * Fixed Fatal Bonds not always adding the primary target.
    * Fixed a number of abilities having incorrect interaction with Sphere: Slithereen Crush, Jinada, Wind Walk, Echo Slam, Moon Glaive, Death Pulse, Purification, Scream of Pain, Fatal Bonds.
    * Added grow factor to BKB.
    * Implemented neutral Ogre Magi's Frost Armor ability.
    * Implemented neutral Dark Troll Warlord's Ensnare ability.
    * Implemented neutral Giant Wolf's Critical Strike ability and neutral Alpha Wolf's Critical Strike ability.
    * Implemented neutral Alpha Wolf's Command Aura ability.
    * Implemented neutral Enraged Wildkin's Tornado ability.
    * Fixed Centaur Khan's War Stomp and Polar Furbolg Ursa Warrior's Thunder Clap so they aren't absorbed by Sphere.
    * Fixed Vampiric Aura on illusions.
    * Fixed Electric Vortex sometimes not pulling a unit if it is running away while casting.
    * Added new summoned melee unit: neutral Dark Troll Warlord's Skeleton Warrior.
    * Added Defend Ally ability usage to Bane, Crystal Maiden, Sven, Tidehunter, Tiny, Vengeful Spirit, and Windrunner bots.
    * Added a bunch of missing summoned unit names.
    * Tidehunter's Ravage is now consumed by Sphere.

    Title: Cinco de Update
    Date: 5th Май 2011

    * Added Earthshaker and Kunkka bots.
    * Bloodstone now gains charges, rather than stacks a buff.
    * Numerous fixes and tweaks to DotaTV camera.
    * Hooked up Pudge's new Rot animation.
    * Fixed Fiend's Grip not working properly on magic immune units.
    * Fixed uppercase F not working properly in chat.
    * Standardized projectile hits with respect to Sphere, magic immunity, and invulnerability.
    * Added projectile dodging to teleports, invisibility, and Mirana's Leap.
    * Kobold Taskmasters now have Speed Aura.
    * Centaur Khans now have Endurance Aura.
    * Centaur Khans now have War Stomp.

    Title: Hey it's an Update
    Date: 30th Апрель 2011

    * Many improvements to Bot AI.
    * Improved DotaTV directed framing mode.
    * Added DotaTV directed shoulder view.
    * Fixed Rattletrap's Cogs to be killable by his own team (he can do it in one hit).
    * Adjusted how Rattletrap's Cogs arrange nearby units when deployed -- they should be better about trapping units now.
    * Fixed a bug where if a hero attempted to pick up the Aegis with a full inventory, the Aegis would bind to them permanently even though they failed to actually pick it up.
    * Fixed Urn of Shadows not getting dispeled by towers
    * Fixed hero base regeneration being less than it should be
    * Camera fov increased again (higher than desired just to test it more easily)
    * Fixed Wall of Replica illusion damage
    * Fixed Slardar's Amp Damage not granting vision around the unit he amped.
    * Fixed bug where heroes wouldn't get assists if a hero is killed by creeps/towers.
    * Items now have a descriptor tag under their name if they are an Orb, Boots item, or Consumable, to help with possible confusion between stacking of effects.
    * Cleaned up a few issues that were causing some tooltips to display incorrectly.
    * Sobi Mask and Ancient Janggo are now Mask and Drum of Endurance respectively (wasn’t sure on these, probably just placeholders for now)
    * Implemented the lower attack priority for wards, creeps, and the Boots of Travel teleport target.
    * Creep Health bars is hidden while spectating. You can temporarly bring them up by holding ALT.
    * Fixed having to hit SHIFT+ENTER to chat in spectator.
    * Fixed invisbile units not having a healthbar in spectator mode.

    Title: We're back!
    Date: Апрель 8, 2011

    - In replay/spectator mode, the heroes in the scoreboard are now clickable (jump to the location of the hero).
    - Axe's Berserker's Call now works properly with neutral creeps.
    - Cleaned up linear projectile issues on non-level ground.
    - Bots now know how to use a number of items: BKB, Shiva's Guard, Blade Mail, Sheepstick, Eul's Scepter, Dagon, Force Staff, Necronomicon, Orchid, Refresher, Ancient Janggo, Arcane Boots, Armlet, Buckler, Ethereal Blade, Invisibility Sword, Manta, Medallion of Courage, Mekansm, Pipe, and Urn of Shadows.
    - Tiny can no longer throw couriers using Toss, and the damage from Toss will no longer damage couriers.

    Title: Update
    Date: Март 12, 2011

    - Fixed drag-select breaking if you dragged over the bottom HUD.
    - Fixed Toss targeting couriers.
    - Fixed Chain Frost initial cast being unable to target magic immune (ministun still works on them).
    - Fixed Chain Frost bounces slowing all magic immune.
    - Fixed Quelling Blade working on denies and on buildings.
    - Lots of Matchmaking fixes.
    - Fixed the scoreboard not showing the correct scores if you were a Dire player.
    - Fixed an issue where when Dragon Knight in his Dragon Form was affected by Voodoo (frog or chicken), he would sometimes not change to the new model.
    - Fixed Headdress regeneration.
    - Fixed Bracer cost.
    - Fixed Storm's Overcharge being used up on denies.
    - Fixed radiant's middle towers being removed on spawn after a changelevel if they were destroyed on the previous game on that server.
    - Fixed Focus Fire not working versus magic immune.
    - Fixed Powershot requiring too much time to read full damage.
    - Fixed a few bugs with Dream Coil interaction with magic immune.
    - Fixed Courier stash pickup function having a delay (which would cause it to come with no items if you issued pickup/deliver quickly).
    - Increased Courier stash pickup range.
    - Fixed Eye of Skadi working on towers.
    - Fixed Crystal Nova working on towers.
    - Added illusion create/kill effects.
    - Many fixes to bots, including less turtling late-game.

    Title: Update
    Date: Март 22, 2011

    - Fixed Viper Strike slow doing maximum power for the entire duration instead of falling off.
    - Fixed minimum attack speed cap.
    - Added a -createhero chat command (add enemy at the end to make it enemy to you).
    - Adding the phased modifier to sentry and observer wards. This allows units to pass through them. Fixes forum bug.
    - Fixed Kunkka's Ghost Ship not actually making the ship if cast near the edge of the world and into the world.

    Title: It`s a big one.
    Date: Март 3, 2011

    - Fixed Pudge's hook animation getting stuck on if Pudge gets interrupted before his action phase ends.
    - Fixed general silence sound not playing when gaining the silence state.
    - Fixed Dream Coil stunning invulnerable units (waveform, omnislash, etc).
    - Fixed Mirana's Arrow and Pudge's Hook to not miss nearby targets.

    - Enabled new shop UI.
    - Removed Tiny, Enigma, and Viper from "New heroes" list, so they won't get be the only ones chosen with Random Hero.
    - Added moonlight shadow cast effects to Mirana and her teammates.
    - Added the ability to attack and destroy runes and world items.
    - Runes and physical items now highlight invalid with the standard cursor if the controlled unit does not have movement capability.
    - Added in new announcer lines for killing Roshan, Towers and Barracks.
    - Adding in a delay on building attack messages to be less spammy.
    - Only one bloodstone (the first one in your inventory) gets a charge when there is a nearby hero death.
    - Razor's Eye of the Storm is now a two stage process. First it targets units then it targets towers, barracks, and the ancient.
    - New Spectator Panel.
    - Bots will now go for and pick up runes.

    ... go dormant and refuse to speak his lines.
    - Fixed Avalanche lasting 0.5 seconds too long.
    - Fixed a bug where Viper's corrosive skin debuff wouldn't do any damage to the creeps that it had poisoned.
    - Fixed Freezing Field not slowing attack speed.
    - Fixed physical items being visible through the fog of war.
    - Fixed Viper Strike not slowing Magic Immune.
    - Fixed Torrent not giving vision over the area it hits.
    - Fixed Grow damage being added

    Новые герои!

    Faceless Void
    Shadow Shaman
    Crystal Maiden
    Shadow Priest
    Storm Spirit
    Dragon Knight
    Bounty Hunter
    Moon Rider
    Queen of Pain
    Skeleton King
    Storm Spirit

    Теперь Sentinel будут называться не Solace а Radiant
    Radiant vs Dire
    Вместо Zeus было написано Zuus я исправил, незнаю опечатка это или так и есть
    Ньюсмейкеры опубликуйте новость  :)

    http://www.playdota.com/forums/489647/n ... hangelogs/
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  • Обновления 26.09.2014
    * Немного уменьшено бонусное золота AoE для 1 героя, при убийстве с 0.5 до 0.38
    * журнал сражения теперь доступен для комментаторов
    * исправили ошибку с переподключением во время рейтинговой игры all pick
    * исправили aghanim's scepter на goblin techies, ранее дальность броска не соответствовала
    * исправлен баг с Rubick, не дающий украсть Hand of God, когда у него есть Holy Persuasion
    * исправлен Undying замедления от ауры Flesh golem которая ранее действовала ненадлежащим образом
    * исправили работу различных ботов которые ранее были забагованы и работали с ошибками
  • Обновления 27.09.2014
    * награда за kill streak  была изменена с 100->800  к 60->480 (6.81 в патче было 125->1000),
    * Уменьшен бонус золота получаемые по площади для 1/2/3/4/5 геров  от 0.5/0.35/0.25/0.2/0.15 до 0.26/0.22/0.18/0.14/0.10
    * исправлен размер спауна древних крипов у dire
  • Обновления клиента Dota 2 новая версия патча (версия 6.82b)
    * Переделано, система расчета бонусного золота полученного за убийство героев находясь в радиусе AoE изменили переменную расчета: переменная NWDifference теперь (EnemyTeamNW/AlliedTeamNW) - 1 [Мин 0, Макс 1]
    * Изменения множителя получения золота по площади AoE (изменение частичное, чтобы изменить тонкую настройку формулы) от 0.26/0.22/0.18/0.14/0.1 до 0.06/0.06/0.05/0.04/0.03
    * Уменьшили бонус опыта по площади AoE XP для 1/2/3/4/5 героев от 0.5/0.35/0.25/0.2/0.15 до 0.3/0.3/0.2/0.15/0.12

    6.82b Полный список изменений (от патча 6.82 до 6.82b)
    * награда за kill streak была изменена с 100->800 к 60->480 (6.81 в патче было 125->1000)
    * Скорректированная бонусная область и размер получения золота XP

    6.82 Золотая формула
    VictimLevel = уровень жертвы
    VictimNW = Собственный капитал жертвы
    EnemyTeamNW = общий Собственный капитал Вражеской команды
    AlliedTeamNW = общий Собственный капитал Вашей команды
    NWDifference = (EnemyTeamNW - AlliedTeamNW) / (EnemyTeamNW + AlliedTeamNW) [Минута 0]
    NWFactor = NWDifference * VictimNW

    1 герой: золото = 40 + 7 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.5
    2 героя: золото = 30 + 6 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.35
    3 героя: золото = 20 + 5 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.25
    4 героя: золото = 10 + 4 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.2
    5 героев: золото = 10 + 4 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.15

    6.82b золотая формула
    VictimLevel = уровень жертвы
    VictimNW = Собственный капитал жертвы
    EnemyTeamNW = общий Собственный капитал Вражеской команды
    AlliedTeamNW = общий Собственный капитал Вашей команды
    NWDifference = (EnemyTeamNW / AlliedTeamNW) - 1 [Минута 0, Макс 1]
    NWFactor = NWDifference * VictimNW

    1 герой: золото = 40 + 7 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.06
    2 героя: золото = 30 + 6 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.06
    3 героя: золото = 20 + 5 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.05
    4 героя: золото = 10 + 4 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.04
    5 героев: золото = 10 + 4 * VictimLevel + NWFactor * 0.03

    6.82 факторов XP:
    1 герой: XP = 20 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.5
    2 героя: XP = 15 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.35
    3 героя: XP = 10 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.25
    4 героя: XP = 7 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.2
    5 героев: XP = 5 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.15

    6.82b факторы XP:
    1 герой: XP = 20 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.3
    2 героя: XP = 15 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.3
    3 героя: XP = 10 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.2
    4 героя: XP = 7 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.15
    5 героев: XP = 5 * VictimLevel + XPFactor * 0.12
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  • Обновления 30.09.2014
    * Добавлена метрика  заработанного золота, как альтернативный график на панели Net Worth
    * исправлены некоторые проблемы со скилом Boulder Smash у Earth Spirit
    * Исправлены некоторые действия Roshanа
    * Исправлены критический ошибки на операционных системах  Linux и Mac

    П.С. Если вам нравиться перевод всех новых обновлений на Русский язык тогда ставим лайки.
  • ох уж это 6,82 ((
  • Обновления клиента 08.10.2014 (Русский перевод от Nigatiff)

    * Сделали улучшения производительности сетей серверов
    * Добавлены два новых сервера на область в Южной Америке (Чили и Перу)
    * Режим Captains Draft убран из рейтинга. В связи с тем что в данном режиме мало проигрышей, которые порождали чрезмерно большое время ожидания, в этом режиме не было баланса и был потенциал для абуза ммр рейтинга.

    На следующей неделе сервер Сингапур будет переживать некоторые изменения. Будет интервал техобслуживания c 13-го по 16 октября Сингапурского времени. А 14-го, Сервера Сингапура будут полностью недоступны, и в течение всего остального времени тех. обслуживания серверы будут работать с ограниченной вместимостью (13, 15 и 16 числа, меньше серверов, доступных для использования).

    Мы будем восстанавливать кластеры на новых аппаратных средствах сервера и удаляться старые аппаратные средства сервера. На сетевой стороне мы будем улучшать архитектуру маршрутизатора, поскольку это в настоящее время слишком восприимчиво к пакетной потере при высокой загрузке.
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