40 Beta Keys (PGF Local & Global Audience)

  • i, everyone! I don't expect everyone to know me, so here is a quick intro. I'm a DotA Community Figure, Event Organiser, Journalist (Editor) and Caster based in Asia.

    This is just a casual heads up because I'm trying to finalize the logistics and mechanics. I REALLY want to share it now because I'm so excited about it. Anyone going to be there? It would be great to meet you.

    PGF will be from Oct 28-30 at SM North Edsa (Manila, Philippines). During and after the event, I will be giving out a total of 40 Dota 2 beta keys via small events on my Facebook and Twitter.

    Note: Being nice to me will not increase your chances. Most things will be done randomly. For the others, I won't be the sole person deciding. ^_^

    Anyone, ANYWHERE can have a chance to win one if they join! ^_^

    PGF Visitors: 15
    Global Online Audience: 25

    Don't worry. I am all about equal opportunity. I will keep most of them very simple because it wouldn't be fair for someone to do so much work only for a slim chance to get one. ^_^ To make the raffles/contests fair, I am using Facebook and Twitter because it helps reduce the likelihood of multiple entries. You are free to "unlike" me later. But, of course, I hope that you will be interested in future news, events and features.

    Why am I going? (Added to provide clarification)
    Not only is no one paying me to do this, no one is sending me there. An organisation was going to send me but without pay, but it ended up that they couldn't send me. Though I announced that I will focus more on the community in general and less on eSports, I wanted to see it through and still have 40 beta keys given out. So, I decided to pay for my own expenses and cancel some work.

    I am actually losing quite a sum of money just to be there. But, I think it is worth it because I know I'm going enjoy being at the event. What makes me even more happy, is that I can bring people news and some beta keys. I know that it's not enough beta keys, but some is better than none.

    Спойлер: ]http://www.playdota.com/forums/554897/40-beta-keys-pgf-local-global-audience/[/spoiler
    Переводите Ньюсмекеры :)
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    И желательно побыстрее))
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  • А кто эта особа?
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    А кто эта особа?
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    А кто эта особа?
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