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  • It has come as no surprize that with Dota 2's Beta delayed launch date, many sites that claim to give you Beta keys and access to the Beta have appeared on the Web. It is extremely important for everyone to know that these sites are simply trying to exploit most people's lack of patience and are a SCAM! They claim to let you download the game and/or give you keys for it but this is a lie. The files that these sites offer for download are most definately harmful to your computer and fake.

    Here's an example: Dota2OfficialBeta.com (This is a fake site!). How to tell the difference between real and fake you ask? Now, everything looks legit at first glance but when you get a second look, flaws begin to appear. Firstly, you probably know that there are supposed to be things such as trademark claims, terms & conditions etc. on the bottom of the page. These things are present on the real site - Dota2.com but are deffinately suspiciously looking on our wanna-be official page.

    "© dota2beta.org/ Copyright 2011. - All Rights Reserved to Original Owners." - Valve's name is not present.

    "Terms & Conditions" - When you click it, it simply takes you to the top of the page.

    Secondly, the so called Dota 2 download link. Well, for starters that big green "Download" button seems to not fit with the rest of the design, don't you agree? Next off, below we see "To support the companies that make this offer available to you, fill out the easy forms that follow. You will then be able to register and download." - Yeah... sure... that seems legit. Right above it are the extremely authentic-looking shots from the installer. On the one hand, do you really think the installer will be in a simple window like that and not someting fancy? On the other hand, the second screenshot's License Agreement is apparently for some company called "Cisco".

    Now, if all that's not enough - simply visit Dota 2's official site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, PlayDota.com or any leading news site (like the one you're reading this from).

    I hope this article was helpful and, now that you're informed, won't fall for a cheap scam like


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